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Skarkos in Ios

When I was young, I often sat and philosophized on the hill outside the top chapel on the top of Chora. I liked to watch inland instead of out over the sea. I imagined that Homer - existed or not - often sat here and did the same. In the field of vision I saw a circular hill lined with stone walls. I wondered what I saw, but nobody I asked knew. Now I know.


Archaeological excavations at Skarkos in Ios.

View from the top of Chora across the beautiful valley, where Skarkos lies under the arrow.



That the place - called Skarkos - was significant was discovered in 1984, and it began to be excavated by archaeologists in 1986. The excavations revealed a prehistoric settlement. Not only that: Skarkos appeared to be the Cyclades' largest settlement from the early Bronze Age.


The archaeological excavations of Skarkos in Ios Greece.

The archaeological excavations of Skarkos.

The constitution has impressed the archaeologists, several of the buildings had two floors, stone floors and sewage systems. A lot of ceramic objects have been found, as well as tools and implements of metal, stone and bone. The findings are on display at the archaeological museum in Chora. Skarkos is open to the public. However, there is not much to see for a layman, there is just a number of stone ruins and it is difficult to understand how it once looked like. Perhaps it becomes better in the future, when the site is completely excavated.


Skarkos. Ios.



Last time I visited Ios, I asked several of the islanders what they knew about Skarkos. They did not know much, some answers made me laugh. A myth claims that those who lived in Skarkos were short, really short. They would not be more than half a meter long, or short I mean. If that were true, it would be a world sensation. :-)


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