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Valma beach in Ios

Valma is an approximately 30 metres long sandy beach with a pebbly ground. If it were not for the cosy taverna, not many would pay attention to the beach. The beach is really not special, at least not when compared to other beaches on Ios.


Valma beach.  Ios.

Valma beach and the fantastic taverna.



Instead, there are other things that attract: the taverna, the silence, the stillness and the restful calm. The taverna has a perfect location just where the waves lap at the shore. Valma is a magical spot for me, an oasis, where I can easily spend many philosophical hours over a game of backgammon and a cold beer. Kostas, who used to run the taverna, is unfortunately no longer alive, instead his wife Irini runs his lifework. When you're here, it's hard to believe that you're on Ios.


The taverna at Valma beach in Ios.

The taverna at Valma beach.

There are two ways to get to Valma: on foot or by your own transport from Chora, or on foot from Ormos (the port). If you choose the road from Chora your take the first side road to the right before the bus stop, about where the nightclub Sweet Irish Dream is located.


Rocks close to Valma beach in Ios.

Rocks close to Valma beach.


If you walk from the port, have the church of Agia Irini in view, the beautiful church welcomes all arriving ferries so you certainly saw it when you arrived by ferry. From the church there is a path that leads along the coast all the way to Valma. Along the path you will find several nice bathing-places with rocks where it is perfect to snorkel.


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