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Rock climbing in Kalymnos

If rock climbing is an attraction or not is debatable. But for sure the mountains of Kalymnos are worth seeing, even for one who is not climbing.


Kalymnos Climbing Festival .

Kalymnos Climbing Festival.



The summer of 2000 was a significant year for Kalymnos, the island was invaded by rock climbers who have chosen Kalymnos for a convention. In no doubt, there had been rock climbers on Kalymnos in the past, but thanks to the convention, Kalymnos broke through as a paradise for climbers in real earnest. Since then, climbers from virtually all over the world comes to climb in the rugged and exciting mountains.


Climbers on the way up one of the many stunning mountains in Kalymnos.

Climbers on the way up one of the many stunning mountains.

The annual climbing event is the Kalymnos Climbing Festival which takes place in September or October each year. Then there is many people on Kalymnos, I promise.

We were on Kalymnos a week before the festival one year. We did not found any rooms in either Massouri or Myrties, so we had to go over to Telendos, where we after much searching found a room. When we should rent a scooter on Kalymnos it was the same show. Everything was rented out, but we were lucky and got to rent a scooter that they received a cancellation on.


Rock climbing in Kalymnos

Kalymnos stunning mountains are made for rock climbing.


I myself would never climb in the mountains, not even on Kalymnos, but I understand that the island attracts adventurers who like heights and challenges. The limestone cliffs between Massouri and Emporios is truly impressive.


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