Agia Marina on Leros

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Agia Marina is one of the three ports of Leros, if you include Xerokambos. I have always arrived in Agia Marina, and each time I have enjoyed the approach. The village is set beautifully between two hills, the houses climb gently up towards the two hills. Above the village, on the mountain top, lies a proud castle. It is a beautiful view. You almost believe that you have arrived at a port in the Cyclades, if it were not for the colourful two-storied neoclassical houses.

Agia Marina is the oldest inhabited village on Leros and it was formerly the island's capital. In a sense, one can say that it still is the capital of Leros, because the village is attached to Platanos. However, Agia Marina is the island's administrative and commercial centre. Along the waterfront and in the adjacent streets are shops, travel agencies, restaurants, cafes and bars. It is a lively fishing port where fishermen sell their catch to prospective buyers. In short, Agia Marina is the liveliest village on Leros.

What I like most of Agia Marina is Mylos Fish Restaurant on the waterfront next to an old windmill. A restaurant can not have a better location than this. The view towards Agia Marina and out over the bay is formidable, and if you get tired of that view, you can always rest your eyes on the lovely windmill. The restaurant is so popular that you sometimes have to reserve a table.

Agia Marina. Leros.

Mylos Fish Restaurant in Agia Marina.

Mylos Fish Restaurant in Agia Marina.

View of Agia Marina and Alinda from the Castle of Panteli.

View of Agia Marina and Alinda from the Castle of Panteli.

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