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There is an airport on Leros, but only for domestic flights. Despite the lack of an international airport, it is easy to travel to Leros, on a package holiday (from some countries) or independently.

Leros is not a typical charter island
, but some charter companies in some countries arrange trips to Leros. Good, I think, because not everyone dare to travel independently. Since there is no international airport you fly to Kos, and travel on by ferry to Leros. The voyage takes just under two hours. Most of the tour operators offers accommodations in Alinda and Krithoni.

If you choose to travel independently to Leros, it is easiest to go by air to Kos or Samos, and continue by ferry to Leros. Another option is to fly to Athens and take the domestic flight to Leros. Personally I think it is best to go by air to Samos, the reason is mostly that I like Samos better than Kos.

Daily flight from Athens. The tiny airport lies at Partheni on the northern part of the island. From Agia Marina it is about 6 kilometres to the airport.

Airport on Leros.

The airport on Leros.

The port in Agia Marina.

The port in Agia Marina.

Leros has very good boat connections with most islands in the Dodecanese, not least with Kos and Kalymnos. Like most islands in this part of the archipelago, the boat traffic is dominated by hydrofoils of various kinds, they are twice as fast, and twice as expensive as the ferries. Fortunately there are also ferries running to Leros, but nowhere near as often as hydrofoils.

There are three ports on Leros: Agia Marina, Lakki and Xerokambos. Hydrofoils, are normally calling at Agia Marina and the big ferries at Lakki. It is a little confusing with the ports. It is usually written in the timetables that the boats, accordingly all boats, calls at Lakki. But I have always arrived at Agia Marina when I have gone by hydrofoil. It is of course best to disembark at Agia Marina since from there it is close to Alinda and Panteli, where most people want to stay. From Lakki to Agia Marina it is about 4 kilometres. From Xerokambos, you can go to Myrties on Kalymnos by the small boat Telendos Star.

If you do not like hydrofoils, or large ferries, you can go by Nisos Kalymnos, a small car ferry which has its home port in Kalymnos. Nisos Kalymnos operates Astypalea, Arki, Agathonissi, Kalymnos, Leros, Lipsi, Patmos and Samos.

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