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Alinda in Leros

Alinda lies about 2 kilometres from Agia Marina. To walk to Alinda along the coat is very pleasant. Along the way you pass some beaches, large and small. The most popular one is located in the small settlement of Krithoni. Leros War Cemetery lies just before Alinda. Just after Alinda is the small beach Dio Liskaria, which is well worth a visit.


View of Agia Marina and Alinda from the Castle of Panteli in Platanos.

Agia Marina on the left and Alinda on the far right. The picture is taken from Kastro.


Alinda on Leros in Greece.

The long beach in Alinda. Taverna To Steki is on the right in the picture.


The long beach of Alinda on Leros.

The fine beach in Alinda is bordered by shady tamarisk trees.

Agia Marina and Platanos from Alinda beach.

View of Agia Marina and Platanos from Alinda beach.


Alinda is the largest and the most popular tourist resort on Leros. The major attraction is the long pea-gravel beach. The beach is narrow and extends along the beautiful bay. Tamarisk trees grows along most of the shore and gives a much needed shade. This is a beach to my taste, especially because of the wonderful views of Agia Marina and Platanos, and there is plenty of space, except during high season when Alinda is invaded by vacationing Greeks.


Alinda beach on Leros in Greece.

Alinda beach.


The beach road is lined with hotels, pensions, tavernas, cafes, bars, shops, and car and scooter rental places. There is also a nice museum - Historic and Folkloric Museum - housed in a castle named Belenis tower. The museum is open daily (except Mondays) 09.00-13.00 och 19.00-21.00.


 Belenis tower in Alinda on Leros.

Belenis tower in Alinda.

Along the beach promenade in Alinda there are car rental companies, restaurants and hotels.

The beach promenade in Alinda in one direction.


The fishing port in Alinda on Leros.

The beach promenade in Alinda in the other direction.


There are many good restaurants and tavernas along the beach in Alinda on Leros.

Beachside taverna in Alinda.

A small marina with wooden jetties lies where the beach ends. Here lies Taverna To Steki. One year we chose to stay in Alinda instead of in Panteli. We stayed there for one week and ate at To Steki every night. On each occasion we were surprised that the food tasted better than the night before. Moreover, we found dishes on the menu that we had never eaten in Greece. The owner Dimitris is super friendly, as well as the staff. A few nights a week there is live music and dancing at the taverna.


Taverna To Steki in Alinda.

The small boat port at Taverna To Steki in Alinda.


Taverna To Steki in Alinda is one of Leros best restaurants.

Taverna To Steki in Alinda.


We usually always stay in Panteli when we visit Leros, but one year we stayed in Alinda, and we had dinner at To Steki every night. It's one of the best tavernas we've eaten at, and there's regular live music, and there's often spontaneous dancing. Do not miss!

On the last evening at To Steki, we were treated to a liqueur made from pomegranate. It was incredibly good! I had read before the trip that pomegranate was good for men with prostate problems, so I told everyone around the table, most of them Greeks, but there were a few Brits too.


Pomegranate liqueur and good homemade Greek home cooking at Restaurant To Steki in Alinda.

Here we are offered pomegranate liqueur which turned out to be Viagra.


I had a very hard time explaining what I meant, so I had to resort to body language so that everyone would understand: I pointed between my legs and said: Very good!

Which resulted in everyone thinking that pomegranate was a kind of Viagra, and everyone (men) emptied their glasses, and refilled their glasses, and drank again. I said yamas, and let them believe it was so.


Since Alinda is the main tourist resort on Leros, you will find the biggest range of hotels and pensions here. We have, as I said, stayed in Alinda once, and we liked it a lot. We then stayed at the Nefeli Hotel and had a great time and will certainly stay there again.


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Don't miss the beach of Dio Liskari when you travel to Alinda on Leros.

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