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Laguna beach and Lake Aliki in Naxos

Where Agios Georgios Beach ends, Laguna Beach starts. There is no clear dividing line between the beaches, you only pass a small isthmus and suddenly you are there. Laguna is one of several popular wind surfing beaches on Naxos, the most popular is Mikri Vigla.


Laguna beach. Naxos.

Laguna beach.



There are several windsurfing clubs at Laguna beach that rent out surfboards and offers windsurfing lessons. It is not unusual to meet real surf pros, and VW busses full of surfboards and kiteboards stands above the beach. One must not be a windsurfing enthusiast to be here, you are just as welcome if you just want to sunbathe and swim, which very few do.


Laguna beach. Wind surfing. Naxos.

Laguna beach.

South of Laguna lies Naxos' small airport and Lake Aliki, which is one of Naxos' two lakes, the other is in Agios Prokopios and is called Red Lake. Lake Aliki is interesting for those who like bird-watching. The lake is shallow and attracts many waders and flamingos, especially in spring when there is more water in the lake. A spotting scope is preferable because it is difficult to get close to the birds.


Lake Aliki near Laguna and airport in Naxos.

Lake Aliki near Laguna and airport.


The last time I was here, I asked a friend on Naxos if there was any place where you could get closer to the water. There was one place, but just at that place there was lots of poisonous snakes, so I decided not to go there.

From here it is not far to Agios Georgios and Agios Prokopios.


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