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Vathy in Sifnos

The lagoon-like bay of Vathy is certainly tempting for swimming and for long lunches at the beachside tavernas. The view is so stunning that it hurts the eyes. Long before I came to Sifnos the first time, I had seen pictures of Vathy in travel magazines and brochures made advertising for Greece. (This was before internet.) When I came here the first time I parked the scooter above the bay, looked out over the sea. Wow! The pictures had not lied, quite the contrary, Vathy was more beautiful in real life than in pictures.


The beach in Vathy. Sifnos.

The beach in Vathy.

The in places very narrow beach stretches along almost the entire bay. The sand is light and powdery and the water is inviting and clear. In good weather, when the sea is calm, you can compare the bay to a large swimming pool.

The village - if one can call it a village - is about 8 kilometres southwest of Apollonia, and is served regularly by local bus. If you arrive with your own vehicle you will park above the beach, whether you like it or not, because there are no streets in Vathy, and therefore no cars or scooters. When you arrive at the beach you will see most of the buildings to the right. Along the beach are several good tavernas.


Taverna. Vathy. Sifnos.

More beach front taverna than this, it is difficult to find.

If you continue to the right along the beach you will reach the monastery of Taxiarchis, on the other side of the superfine monastery the beach continues. Here is a taverna with tables and chairs right on the beach. If you continue a bit further you will get to another taverna and a small mini market.


The beautiful view of Vathy bay in Sifnos.

Beautiful Vathy bay.


Vathy is suitable for those who just want laid-back tranquillity, who wants to be seated for a long time on a beachside taverna reading books, or to look out over the sea and philosophize about life. Vathy is so tranquil and meditative that quiet little Faros appears like a pulsating metropolis. If you get tired of sunbathing and swimming, you can take a look at the excavation site of Agios Andreas.


Although Vathy is small there is no lack of accommodation if you would like to stay a few nights. Most hotels and pensions are to the right of the beach, just before the Monastery of Taxiarchis. To the left, where the beach is widest, is the luxury Elies Resort. The hotel feels a little out of place on such a small island like Sifnos. If I would stay in Vathy, I probably would have chosen Agrilia Apartments & Studios.

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