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Faros in Sifnos

The small village of Faros is my absolutely favourite village on Sifnos, it is approximately 6 kilometres southeast of Apollonia. The reason for my liking is the amazing tranquillity, the serenity and the restful views out over the sea.


Faros village in Sifnos.

The cozy little village of Faros.


Faros is the ultimate place of refuge for the stressed big-city dweller. When you leave (with great sadness, of course), all strength is recovered and you feel ready for the everyday life again. There is not much to do, one day is like the other, so if you have a restless turn of mind, you will experience Faros as far too quiet.


The beautiful bay where Faros and Chrisopigi Monastery on Sifnos is located.

The beautiful bay where Faros is located. Chrisopigi Monastery on the left in the picture.

Faros seen from the rocks at the monastery of Chrisopigi on Sifnos.

Faros seen from the rocks at the monastery of Chrisopigi.

It is not a big village, rather a cosy and charming little fishing village. Here are just a few streets, and therefore are parts of the village completely free of motor vehicles. The sounds that are heard usually come from the animal world: cocks, donkeys and goats, and the sounds of chugging fishing boats on the way out to lay or empty the nets.


One of three beaches in Faros, Sifnos.

One of three beaches in Faros, if you count Fasolou beach.


Despite being such a small village there is everything you need: mini market, tavernas, cafes, bars, pensions and two child-friendly beaches. And everything is so to speak "round the corner".


Beaches in Faros on Sifnos.

View of wonderful Faros. The picture shows the two beaches in the village.


Ouzeria Faros. Sifnos.

Ouzeria Faros, one of the tavernas in Faros.

Taverns, restaurants and cafes in Faros on Sifnos.

Beachfront taverna and café in Faros.


Faros is divided into two parts, one part is where the bus stops, and the other is between two child-friendly beaches. If you walk up in the alley close to the bus stop you will reach Fasolou beach. There is a taverna. If you continue a little bit, you will soon reach the nice church of Stavros. On 13 September each year there is a big party at the church. Do not miss if you are in the neighbourhood.


The Aperanto in Faros on Sifnos is one of the best hotels in the Cyclades.

The part of Faros where Aperanto is located.


I myself, live my life in Faros in the other part of the village, the one on the rock between the beaches. Here is Aperanto, which is one of my favourite pensions, here I eat my dinners at Ouzeria Faros, here I go for a swim on the small beach to the right of the rock.


Faros. Sifnos. Greece.



If I get tired of the beach, I just walk the path that leads to Apokofto beach, or to the bathing-place with rocks at the monastery of Chrisopigi. It takes about 20 minutes to walk the beautiful path along the ridge to Apokofto beach. On the way you will pass some house ruins and an old pier, they are memories from the time when mining was still active and iron ore were shipped out from the pier that goes out in the sea.


Travel with children to Faros on Sifnos in Greece.

Seeing children swim and play on the pier in Faros is not uncommon, and very fun.



For being such a small village, there are quite lots of pensions. We always stay at Aperanto. The pension is in two floors, five rooms on the ground floor and four upstairs. The rooms on the ground floor have a private patio and the rooms upstairs have a balcony. The view out over the sea is absolutely gorgeous.

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