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Apokofto in Sifnos

The nicest way to approach Apokofto beach is on foot from Faros. It only takes 20 minutes to walk, the path goes along the coast and every minute is a delight. When one see the beach from above, the only thing one wish for is to throw oneself into the sea, and then one increase the pace. The view out of the beach is stunning. Of course, you can also go by car or scooter, but it's a detour, at least if you stay in Faros.


Apokofto beach close to Faros in Sifnos.

Apokofto beach when coming from Faros.


The beach consists of fine light brown sand mixed with pebbles, in some places slippery underwater rocks hides and therefore it can be difficult to get into the water. The best part of the beach is the one closest to Faros. There are no facilities like sun beds, shade are given by tamarisk trees lining the beach. Should you get tired of the beach, it is close to the bathing-place with rocks at Chrisopigi.


Taverna Chrisopigi. Faros. Sifnos.

Taverna Chrisopigi are located right on the beach.

Apokofto is one of the few beaches on Sifnos that are not located in a tourist resort. But who knows, it might be a small tourist resort in the future. When I came here the first time, a long time ago, there were only a few houses, now there is even room to rent. Here are two tavernas, one in each corner of the beach, both are good. Taverna Chrisopigi (to the right) is my favourite, great food, friendly service and perfect location just a few meters from the sea.

The beach in Apokofto .

The beach in Apokofto from the other direction.


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