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Chrisopigi monastery on Sifnos

Not far from Faros and Apokofto is Chrisopigi, which is the best bathing-place with rocks on Sifnos. I love to swim off the rocks, and this bathing-place with rocks belongs to my favourites in Greece, almost in the same class as Agia Anna on Amorgos. And it is not just because there is - like at Agia Anna - a monastery nearby.

On both sides of the rock it is possible to sunbathe on, and dive from, perfectly shaped rock formations. One do not necessarily have to dive, there are small ledges from which one can walk or jump in.


The monastery Chrisopigi on Sifnos.

The monastery Chrisopigi and the rocks.


Rocks at Chrisopigi and Apokofto beach in Sifnos.

Rocks at Chrisopigi. Apokofto beach can be seen on the other side of the bay.


Chrisopigi monastery and rock bath near Faros on Sifnos in Greece.

There is also a rock bath on this side of the monastery.


Sifnos in Greece is a fantastic island if you enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling.

If you like snorkeling, you will find it here.

The water is crystal clear and perfect for snorkelling. There is a deep underwater ravine a few metres out in the water to the right of the monastery. When you snorkel over the ravine it tickles in your stomach and you feel almost like Jacques Cousteau. Nudism is strictly forbidden since the bathing-place is within the monastery area.


Chrisopigi Monastery with surrounding rock baths.

Chrisopigi Monastery with surrounding rock baths.


Chrisopigi monastery on Sifnos.

Chrisopigi monastery.


The monastery is located on the rock that juts out into the sea, a small bridge connects the rock with the mainland. According to one legend - there are several - two young girls where on the rock when they were attacked by pirates. They prayed to the Virgin Mary for help and the rock was cut in two. The story do not tell if it helped.


Snorkeling on Sifnos in Greece.

Here you can see the small bridge that connects the cliff with the mainland.


Beaches, rock baths, churches and monasteries on Sifnos in Greece.

The monastery is very beautifully located. Apokofto beach on the right in the picture.


Baptism and weddings on Sifnos in Greece.

The baptismal font stands a bit outside the monastery.

Stavros church to the left and the monastery Chrisopigi to the right.

Stavros church to the left and the monastery Chrisopigi to the right.


Some of the rocks at the monastery Chrisopigi. Sifnos.

Rocks at the monastery Chrisopigi. Faros on the other side of the bay.


If you stay in Faros, you see the rock and the monastery almost wherever you are. Most likely, you will be part of both weddings and baptisms if you stay in Faros a few days. It is not uncommon with several weddings and baptisms every week. Sometimes the bridal couples arrive by boat, and it is incredibly beautiful.


Faros on Sifnos with the church Stavros and the monastery Chrisopigi.

Chrisopigi seen from Faros.


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