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Agios Antonios beach in Tilos

Agios Antonios Beach is halfway between Megalo Chorio and the Monastery of Agios Panteleimon. The beach is narrow and consists of pebbles mixed with gravel. In good weather, when the water is dead calm, Agios Antonios is a pretty good beach. The best part is below the renovated windmill.


Agios Antonios beach in Tilos.

The small beach in Agios Antonios.


Nearby is a small fishing port with a pension and a taverna which is open during high season. Here are two tavernas that are perfect for a lunch, or dinner if you want to see the sunset.


Tavern Two Delfini in the fishing port of Agios Antonios in Tilos.

Tavern Two Delfini in the fishing port of Agios Antonios.


Somewhere in the sea off the beach, or in one of the small beach pockets, it is said to be remains of two petrified fishermen. According to a legend the fishermen was surprised by a volcanic eruption on the neighbouring island of Nisyros when they lay sleeping next to the beach.

Lava from the eruption reached Tilos and it ended up no better than that they had to sleep on the beach forever. I've been looking for the petrified fishermen, both on land and in the sea, but without result. There is a picture of the fishermen in the elephant museum in Megalo Chorio.


Mylos beach near Agios Antonios in Tilos.

Mylos beach near Agios Antonios.


Agios Antonios is located between Megalo Chorio and Plaka beach.


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