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Eristos beach in Tilos

Eristos is the longest beach on Tilos and lies approximately 8 kilometres from Livadia, and about 2 kilometres from Megalo Chorio. The beach - which is both long and wide, and swallows a lot of people - is composed of coarse sand mixed with pebbles. Some think that Eristos is the best beach on Tilos, but I do not, I like Lethra and the beach in Livadia much better. Parts of the beach is lined with tamarisk trees that gives much needed shade.


Eristos beach in Tilos.

Eristos beach.


Eristos has developed to a small (with the emphasis on small) tourist resort in recent years. Here are a few tavernas, two kantinas, one minimarket and a few hotels. Between the beach and Megalo Chorio there are two taverns: Tropicana and Filoxenia. Filoxenia is the best of the two. Here you sit and eat in a sprawling garden with surrounding vegetable gardens. Another good taverna is En Plo which is closer to the beach in Eristos.


One of the canteens at Eristos beach in Tilos.

One of the canteens at Eristos beach.

If you drive the dirt road as far as it goes to the left you will reach a narrow path that continues along the coast. If you follow the trail for about 10-15 minutes you will reach two small beautiful beaches. The first of the beaches is so small that it can only fit a few there.


One of the small beaches to the left of Eristos in Tilos.

One of the small beaches to the left of Eristos.


Are you interested in birds, there is much to see at the beach and in Eristos Vallley between the beach and Megalo Chorio.

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