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Bird watching in Tilos

Tilos is one of the best Greek islands for those who are interested in birds. Just Antikythera, Lesbos and Crete attracts more birdwatchers than Tilos (to my knowledge). One reason why there are so many birds on Tilos is that the municipality has banned all forms of hunting, something they are, as far as I know, unique about in Greece.


The dam in Eristos valley in Tilos where Eleonora Falcons drinks water.

The dam in Eristos valley where Eleonora Falcons drinks water.


The advantage to watch birds on Tilos compared to Lesbos and Crete, is that the island is so small. You do not need to drive around to see the birds, it is enough with short hikes, or to sit on the balcony and watch. I have seen many rare species from the balcony at Annas Studios. Bonelli's Eagle, Eleonora's Falcon, Long-Legged Buzzard, Eurasian Hoopoe, Blue Rock Thrush and Sardinian Warbler are just some of the species I have seen from the balcony when I have eaten breakfast. A complete species list of the birds I have seen on Tilos are linked further down one the page.


Watch birds with a glass of wine  from Annas Studios in Tilos.

Watching birds with a glass of wine on the balcony also works.


The best time to watch birds is in spring and autumn when many migratory birds pass Tilos. But there are also plenty of birds other times of the year. Bonelli's Eagle is a very rare bird of prey that you have a great opportunity to see on Tilos. Two pairs are breeding on the island. (Some say that there are four breeding pairs.) Eleonora's Falcon (also rare) is common on Tilos. One must almost be blind to miss it.

I have heard from many people that they have only seen crows and pigeons on Tilos. It is not surprising, because there are plenty of Hooded Crows and Eurasian Collared Doves on the island, especially in Livadia. Do you want to be sure to see a lot of birds, it is best to leave Livadia. A plus is if you are equipped with a binoculars, otherwise it is, of course, not as easy to determine the species, even if it is possible sometimes.


Bird watching in Tilos island.

If you can not determine the species, you can at least enjoy the views.


Good places for bird watching are in and around Mikro Chorio, along the way to Skafi beach, the whole valley of Eristos, and in Gehra. Raptors are everywhere, just look up.

Three really great places for birds of prey are at the Monastery of Agios Pandeleimon, around Ghera, and at the large dam below Megalo Chorio. Once I have counted to seventeen Eleonora's Falcons at the dam, they were there to drink water.

In May we saw these birds »


Watching rare birds in Tilos.

Bird watching with views. In the background you see Livadia.


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