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Sights on Agathonissi

On Agathonissi there are no historical temples, no museums, no monasteries, there is almost nothing here that even comes close to the word attraction. There's nothing to miss and you can completely let go of the "this-and-that-we-have-to-see-before-we-leave-here", so just sit back and keep reading your book.

But if I get tired of sunbathing, swimming, reading books and lazing around, and want to do something else, what should I do, you might wonder. Below I suggest attractions that might not fit as attractions on other islands.


Nisos Kalymnos in the port of Agathonissi.

When the ferry comes it is an attraction as good as any.


The most interesting thing you can experience on Agathonissi is when the ferry Nisos Kalymnos arrives. Then it seems as if the whole island is on its feet. Is anyone going today? Will there be any new tourists? The boat comes twice every other day and it is a sight as good as any.


Sailboats for anchorage off the beach in Agathonissi village.

The many yachts is one of the island's few attractions.


Are you interested in boats in general, and sailing boats in particular, you will have your fill of boats on Agathonissi. The port is ideal as night harbour for sailing boats and there are often many boats swinging at anchor. It is said that as many as 300 sailing boats comes to Agathonissi every summer. something that is very good for the small island, for most of them eat in the tavernas, and shop in the few shops.


The port of Agathonissi is ideal as a night port for sailboats and there are often many sailboats anchored.

The port is ideal as a night port for sailboats and there are often many sailboats anchored.

The church of Agios Panteleimonos in Mikro Chorio on Agathonissi is celebrated on July 26 every year.

The church of Agios Panteleimonos in Mikro Chorio is perhaps the island's greatest attraction.


On July 26 every year, the church's saints are celebrated with a big party that includes food and drink, live music and, of course, dancing.


Agathonissi is known for having many goats on the island.

If you are fond of goats, you will love Agathonissi. :-)


If you walk to the fishing port of Katholiko, you can continue to the archaeological excavations of Kastraki. Agathonissi's main attraction is located on the eastern side of the island and consists of a complex of large vaulted structures dating back to the 11th century AD. It is believed to be a Byzantine settlement and that the houses were used to store food. The settlement is called Tholoi and is a nice hiking destination.


The archaeological excavations in Kastraki on Agathonissi.

Archaeological Site of Tragaia in Kastraki west of Katholiko.


In Tholoi on Agathonissi there are remains of a Byzantine settlement.

Ruins of the Byzantine settlement of Tholoi on eastern Agathonissi.


Taverna Glaros at Agathonissi.

To eat a good dinner and look out over the sea is also an attraction.


At Agathonissi there is a Volkswagen Beetle which is a vintage car.

The car scrapyard is perhaps an attraction for everyone who likes old Volkswagen Beetle. :-)


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