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Asklepion in Kos

Kos' most significant attraction outside of Kos Town is the ancient temple area of Asklepion, located about 4 kilometres west of Kos Town, beyond the so-called Turkish village of Platani. To Asklepion you can go by car, by bus or by the toy train starting from Kos Town.


View of parts of the Asklepion in Kos and towards Bodrum in Turkey.

View of parts of the Asklepion and towards Bodrum in Turkey.



Asklepion was built to honour the god of medicine, Asclepios, who gave cure and recovery to the sick people of the past. Asclepios' characteristic symbol was a staff entwined by a serpent. You probably recognise it, the rod is today a symbol of medicine and health care. It is said that Asklepion is the oldest "hospital" in Greece, there is even those who say that it is the oldest "hospital" in the world.


Temple at the upper part of Asklepion in Kos.

Temple at the upper part of Asklepion.

You may believe what you want, in any case it is old. The area is quite big, and was even bigger in the good old days. Today, little remain standing, most are in ruins. There are remains of the Temple of Asclepios and other smaller temple ruins and several copies of columns and pillars. The most imaginative are the columns of the ancient Temple of Apollo. From the staircase to the third terrace you have an impressive view of Kos Town and all the way towards Turkey.


Temple of Apollon in Asklepion. Kos.

Temple of Apollon in Asklepion.


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