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Kos Town in Kos

Kos Town has 19,400 inhabitants and is one of the largest town in the Greek islands. Only Rhodes Town has more inhabitants in the Dodecanese. It is a town that is easy to be pleased about. Especially if you are interested in history and Greek food.


Kos Town is today a quieter town with many cozy cafes.

Kos Town is today a quieter town with many cozy cafes.



My relationship with Kos Town was previously a bit schizophrenic. The town used to show different qualities depending on what time of year it was, and of course what time of day or night it was. Kos Town was in a Dionysian state of intoxication at the night. And if you liked to party, there were few places that could compete with Kos.

Kos Town has changed and is no longer the same party paradise. When we were here last, we did not see a single drunk person, even though we were out late.


Elefhteria Square in Kos Town.

Elefhteria Square in Kos Town. Parts of the buildings were destroyed during an earthquake in July 2017.


One of the reasons why I like Kos Town so much are the interesting sights, and the amazing architecture. The buildings bear marks of all ages, from ancient times to today. Perhaps it is not strange at all, considering that Kos has been occupied by the Romans, the Knights of Saint John, the Turks and the Italians.

Which historical sights should you see? The answer is that you will probably see all of them since they are almost impossible to miss. Wherever you stroll in the historic districts of Kos Town, there are vestiges from former times.


Columns from an old gymnasium in Kos Town.

Columns from an old gymnasium in Kos Town.


If you arrive by ferry to Kos, you will not miss the majestic Knights' castle (see picture of the castle here) that stands in the port. The castle served as one of three imposing defences of the Knights of Saint John. The other two are the Knights' castle in Rhodes' old town and the one in Bodrum in present Turkey. The Knights' castle began to be built in the 14th century, but has been rebuilt and renovated several times over the centuries. The Knights' castle consists of an outer and an inner wall, previously the castle was surrounded by a moat. It is a majestic building that is well worth a visit.

Not far from the Knights' castle is a square that once was one of the most important squares in Kos Town. The square holds Hippocrates' tree which is said to have been planted during his lifetime. Hippocrates is often called the father of medicine, and he is believed to have written the Hippocratic Oath. Parts of the oath are sworn today by newly graduated doctors. Hippokratic Oath begin as follows:

"I swear by Apollo the Healer, by Asclepius, by Hygieia, by Panacea, and by all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will carry out, according to my ability and judgment, this oath and this indenture..."


Hippocrates tree and the Ottoman fountain in Kos Town.

Hippocrates tree and the Ottoman fountain.


Hippocrates' tree certainly looks ancient, but not as old as from the time of Hippocrates, it is impossible because he died about 370 BC, and trees can not be that old. Next to the tree is a beautiful Ottoman fountain and opposite stand the Hassan Pasha Mosque with an impressive minaret. The mosque is today incorporated into the omnipotent exploitation of Kos Town and serves as a souvenir shop.

Other interesting historical monuments include the Roman excavations at the street of Grigorio, as well as the old Roman Odeon and Casa Romana.

One of the shopping streets in Kos old town.

One of the shopping streets in Kos old town.


Another thing I like about Kos old town is that big parts are free of traffic. It is a real pleasure to slowly stroll around in the alleys in the evenings and drink in the atmosphere. There is a wide range of restaurants, tavernas and ouzerias. Not only in the old town, there are also many excellent places to eat at in the newer part of the town. The difficulty is to choose where to go. And what kind of food to eat. Chinese? Indian? Italian? Mexican? Thai? All types of cuisine seems to be found. But isn't there any Greek restaurants? Oh yes, there are many good Greek restaurants as well.


Mummy's Cooking in Kos Town.

Mummy's Cooking in Kos Town.


I do not want to recommend any restaurants because you do not know if they are as good from year to year. But I still want to recommend one place, and that is Evdokia, or Mummy's Cooking as the taverna also is called. Evdokia has hold good quality for many years and the food is just as good every time we go there. Mom is in the kitchen cooking delicious food from morning to evening. The son, also the waiter, Elias ensures that all the guests feel like at home and he make sure to point out that Evdokia do not serve any pizzas, hamburgers or gyros, they only serve mom's delicious homemade Greek food.

Evdokia is a fantastic taverna that almost only has Greek guests. Evdokia is located on 13 Bouboulinas, not far from the Dolphin Square.


The bar street in Kos Town.

The bar street was partly estroyed during the earthquake in 2017.


The nightlife is mainly concentrated to the "Pub lane" Nafklirou, where discotheques and bars are plentiful. The street is during the daytime relatively deserted, but in the late-evening it comes more people, and later at night it comes even more and more people. If you like dancing, late nights, cheap shots, high music and a properly all-night party, this is the place to go.

As you can see, there is a lot to see and do in Kos Town, so if you stay here you have plenty to do. If you want to swim and sunbathe it's close to several beaches, like Town Beach, and Lambi Beach north of the town. Town beach is in an easy walking distance and it is very popular, mainly among youngsters, and it's terribly crowded between the sunbeds. It is a mediocre beach, at least when compared to almost all other beaches on Kos.


Lambi beach is located near Kos Town.

Lambi beach is located near Kos Town.



When we visit Kos, we always stay in Kos Town. Mainly for the reason that we like to go out and eat in town, and that there is so much to see and do. During the day we make excursions to different beaches and villages.

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