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Therma beach and hot springs in Kos

If you drive south along the coast from Kos Town, you pass a number of beaches. First Psaladi with its giant hotels and its popular water park.

When the road turns right you soon come to Agios Fokas, which is mostly visited by Greeks. The beach of Agios Fokas is really good and not as exploited as the other beaches near Kos Town. There is a pleasant drive after Agios Fokas, the landscape is hilly and the view of the sea is beautiful.


The road to Therma in Kos is in poor condition.

The road to Therma is in poor condition.



When you arrive at a parking area, it is time to stop. Therma is located below the parking area. It is possible to drive almost all the way down to the beaches, but the narrow dirt track is very steep and is not fun at all to drive, although many do so. At the parking area there is a canteen and lots of hungry goats.


Beware of curious goats at the parking lot and down at Therma beach in Kos.

Beware of curious goats at the parking lot and down on the beach.

Therma is divided into two small beaches separated by large rocks. The first beach is least interesting, it is beach number two that is worth the trip here. It is surrounded by enchanting cliffs where goats play trapeze artists. At the far end lies a taverna and a canteen.


One of the beaches in Therma. Kos.

One of the beaches in Therma.


What really makes it worth going to Therma is its famous hot springs. A spa in the water! The hot springs are surrounded by boulders and inside the circle people lies like seals and enjoy the hot and bubbling water. The water holds various minerals that is said to ease a variety of diseases.


Therma beach and hot springs in Kos..

Hot springs in Therma.


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