Kalimera beach on Koufonissi

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Between Fanos beach and Platia Punta there are two small beaches. I call the beach closest to Platia Punta for Kalimera beach, and it is my favourite beach on Koufonissi.

The beach is very small, if you blink you will miss it.

I do not really know why I fell for this dwarf beach, probably because of the rocks behind the beach where you can relax and read a book without worrying about flying sand, and because the water feels brighter and the bottom softer, and because the water around the rocks is wonderful to explore with snorkel and mask.

The beach had previously no name, but I solved it many years ago when I with the customary forms and ceremonies named it Kalimera beach. :-) (Kalimera is our Swedish website about Grecce.)

You get here on foot in about 20-25 minutes, if you do not have energy to walk, you can go by beach boat that sometimes stops here on the way to Pori Beach.

Kalimera beach.

The wonderful water at Kalimera beach.

Beach with sand on Koufonissi.

Kalimera beach.

Kalimera beach. Koufonissi.

Kalimera beach.

Fanos beach is in the background.

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