Fanos and Platia Punta on Koufonissi

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From Finikas beach, it is about 100 meters to walk to Fanos beach. There are no significant difference between the beaches. In other words, it is a very nice beach. There is a snack bar where you can buy drinks and snacks.

After Fanos beach, just after Kalimera beach, is Platia Punta beach, which is just as nice as all the other beaches, it's, like I said, not much that distinguish them from each other. Do you not like nudists, you can outdo Platia Punta, particularly during high season. We have now reached about 2.5 kilometres, or 20-25 minutes walk, from Chora.

The next beach, Pori, is about 1.5 kilometres away. On the way you will pass several smaller beach pockets and some wonderfully inviting lagoons. I am thinking mainly on the lagoon halfway between Platia Punta and Pori. It is impossible to walk past without jumping in. You will understand why when you are on the spot.

Fanos beach. Koufonissi.

Fanos beach.

Nudists on Koufonissi.

Platia Punta is popular among nudists.

Platia Punta beach.

Platia Punta beach.

If you continue along the coast, you will first reach the lagoon Devil's Eye, and then Pori Beach.

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