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Lefkada Town in Lefkada

Attractive Lefkada Town (8,700 inhabitants) is beautifully set in one corner of the large saltwater lagoon that separates Lefkada from the mainland. Although the town is located by the water, there is no commercial port, it is very unusual, most of the "island capitals" in Greece have a port with regular ferry service. To compensate, the town has a causeway joining it to the mainland, and one of Greece's most modern marinas, accommodating more than 500 boats.


Lefkada Marina.

Part of Lefkada Marina.



The marina is something of an Eldorado if you like sailing boats, you can stroll around for hours and enjoy sailboats in all price ranges. The marina is like a town in the town and lives its own life. When you are tired of all the nice boats there are several tavernas and bars where you can rest.

Lefkada was hit by a major earthquake in 1948, almost the whole of Lefkada Town was destroyed, it has set its mark in the architecture we see today. After the earthquake in 1948, it was decided that new buildings would be constructed of corrugated iron to protect against future earthquakes. (The town was almost undamaged thanks to the corrugated iron in 1953 when Kefalonia was hit by a huge earthquake that had a magnitude of 7.3.)


The main street that runs through Lefkas Town.

The main street that runs through Lefkas Town.


Corrugated iron (all houses does not have it) does not sound so sexy, and it is not, but for that matter, Lefkada Town is not an ugly town, rather the opposite, it is a nice town with a nice relaxed atmosphere, narrow alleys and beautiful squares with pastel-coloured houses and cosy tavernas and cafes.

Do not miss the pleasant pedestrian street that leads through the town. The street has been named after the German archaeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld. He excavated at Troy, where Odysseus, according to Homer, fought before he was searching his way back home. The journey home took ten years and is described in Homer's poem Odyssey.


Pedestrian street in Lefkada Town.

Pedestrian street in Lefkada Town.


Many consider that Ithaca is Odysseus' home island, but Wilhelm Dörpfeld was of a different opinion, he declared that Lefkada was Odysseus home island and that his palace stood in Nidri. So it's not strange that the island's finest street carries his name. Dörpfeld died in April 1940, and he is buried on the Yeni peninsula opposite Nidri.

Opposite Lefkada Town - on the mainland - stands the Castle of Agia Mavra. It was built by crusaders in the 14th century. The fortress is relatively well preserved and is celebrated every year on May 3rd. If you yearn for a swim, there are several beaches to choose from just west of Lefkada Town. The longest is Agios Ioannis beach located on the other side of the lagoon. There are four windmills on the beach, from the beginning there were twelve.


Agios Ioannis beach. Lefkada Town.

Agios Ioannis beach located near Lefkada Town.



I think that it is mostly Greek tourists who choose to stay in Lefkada Town. However, there are several who have booked Hotel Lefkas via Kalimera (the Swedish version of Kalispera). So some other nationalities must also have chosen to stay here.

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