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Sights in Lefkada

Lefkada's historical attractions are few, there are no temples or other ancient monuments that one must "see". Perhaps it is just as well, you'll have more time for sunbathing and swimming, and to be honest, the beaches on the west coast and the archipelago outside Nidri are at least as well worth seeing as any ancient temples.


The waterfall northwest of Nidri in Lefkada.

The waterfall northwest of Nidri.



But aren't there any attractions? Yes, there is. A natural one is a waterfall about three kilometres northwest of Nidri. I have seen many waterfalls in Greece, I think that in nine cases out of ten, the hike to the waterfall is more interesting than the waterfall itself. Lefkada's waterfall is no exception, it is not much of a waterfall, only a narrow stream, at least in summer. But the short hike is nice, and if you want, you can go for a swim in the little pool under the waterfall. Always something.


You can swim under the waterfall in Nidri, Lefkada.

You can swim under the waterfall.

Above Agios Ioannis beach, near Lefkada Town, stands Lefkada's most important monastery, Panagia Faneromeni. The monastery is well worth a visit, not least for the soothing atmosphere that is always found in Greek monasteries, but perhaps mainly for the fabulous views of the lagoon, Lefkada Town and the lovely surroundings of Agios Ioannis beach. The monastery is open to visitors. To enter the monastery area you must cover your arms and legs.


The monastery of Panagia Faneromeni, located near Lefkada Town.

The monastery of Panagia Faneromeni, close to Lefkada Town.


South of Porto Katsiki, as far south as you can come, is a lighthouse strategically located in Cape Lefkatas. According to the legend the poet Sappho killed herself by jumping off the cliffs into the sea. The reason is said to be unhappy love. True or not, nobody knows, Sappho lived a long time ago (630-570 BC).

It is believed that she wrote about 500 poems, only a few have survived. Sappho is not only famous for her poems, she has also become history because of her homosexuality, she came from the island of Lesvos, and that is why female homosexuality is called lesbians.


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