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Potokaki beach west of Pythagorion

Samos' longest beach Potokaki is located by the airport a few kilometres west of Pythagorion. The beach consists of pebbles mixed with sand and the water is lovely. The beach is really long, there are lots of sun beds, but still there is plenty of space for those who prefer a bast beach mat, bath towel or beach air mattress.


The airport on the beach in Potokaki on Samos in Greece.

The Potokaki beach. The airport is located under the red arrow.


Parts of the beach are lined with tamarisk trees that provide pleasant shade. If you get tired of sunbathing and swimming, you can go water skiing or banana boating, or enjoy other water sports. Jet ski rentals are also available. Along the beach there are restaurants, as well as small canteens offering simple dishes and cold drinks.


Sunbeds on Potokaki beach in Pythagorion on Samos.

There are many sun beds on the beach, but there is also room for those who can do without.

Approximately in the middle of the beach there is a jetty from which you can jump or dive into the water. Here lies Doryssa Seaside Resort which dominates this part of the beach. Dorysa almost feels like a village, for the reason that it's so big. They even have their own church. Despite the size, it blends well into the surroundings. A small stream flows into the sea a little west of the hotel. On the other side of the stream lies more package-holiday hotels, and this is where many Scandinavian package travellers are staying.


Doryssa Seaside Resort in Potokaki near Pythagorion on Samos.

Part of Doryssa Seaside Resort.


One of the most common questions from our readers who will be staying in Potokaki is whether the airplanes are disturbing. I do not think so. If the planes had started and landed around the clock, it would of course have been disturbing, but they do not. I think it's cool to see and hear when the airplanes starts and lands. Few who are on the beach can refrain from grinning at those who are going to fly home, until the day they themselves sit there and cry, looking down at the beach and see everyone who is going to stay another week.


You can go on a package holiday to Potokaki from many countries. It is no problem to find accommodation if you are travelling independently. Below you will find three good hotels, you book through booking.com.

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Maritsa Studios »

Penelope Hotel »

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Potokaki beach in Pythagorion is one of Samo's best beaches.

Potokaki beach.

The beginning of Pythagorion is seen at the far end. Behind the airport (not seen in the picture) is the village of Chora, and after the airport lies Ireon and Papa beach.


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