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Kamares in Sifnos

Kamares, the port town of Sifnos, set beautifully between two high mountains which are separated by an extremely shallow beach. The port was built in the early 20th century when the ferries got bigger and required more space. Then there were many potteries in Kamares, today there are only a few.

From Kamares you can go by bus to Apollonia, and from there goes the bus goes to many villages in the island, including the Faros and Platys Gialos.


The port of Kamares on Sifnos in the Cyclades.

The port of Kamares on Sifnos.


The port and beach of Kamares on Sifnos in the Cyclades.

Kamares seen from the port.


Defense towers at Sifnos in Greece.

On one side of the harbour is one of the remaining defence towers on Sifnos.


The beach of Kamares on Sifnos,

The beach in Kamares.


Along the main street in Kamares there are many car and moped rental companies.

The main street in Kamares.

In the early 1990s, when more and more tourists travelled to Sifnos, Kamares slowly began to extend to the tourist resort we see today. The word tourist resort should not be apprehended as something negative, sometimes it can do so, but it does not apply on Kamares, which is a nice and quiet port town that has much to offer.


Tavernas, bars and restaurants in Kamares on Sifnos.

The beach promenade in Kamares.


Taverna Meropi in Kamares.

The nice Taverna Meropi is located on the beach promenade.


Beachside cafe in Kamares.

Beachside cafe in Kamares.


Sail boats, fishing boats and Greek recreational fishermen who bait their hooks with bread pack together in the port. The waterfront promenade, which runs from the pier all the way to the beach, is crammed with tavernas, ouzeries, bars and cafes. Not only tourists are being seated enjoying ouzo mezé, in Kamares the Greek everyday life goes on parallel to the touristic life.


Fresh fish and seafood in Kamares on Sifnos.

I have only seen fishermen with pink fishing nets in Kamares on Sifnos.


One of the attractions is when the guests at the tavernas throws leftover bread to the fishes. The shallow water bubbles of hungry struggling fishes. Along the waterfront promenade, and in the alleys above, there are bakery, shops, travel agencies and pottery workshops.

Tavernas, cafes and bars along the waterfront in Kamares.

Tavernas, cafes and bars along the waterfront in Kamares.


In Kamares you literally sit in the water and eat lunch and dinner.

Here you can really talk about sitting near the water and eating.


Sifno's most child-friendly sandy beach is Kamares beach.

After lunch, just jump straight into the water.


The beach that separates the two mountains is so shallow that you have to go really far out to even get wet on your knees. For very small children it is like coming to paradise.


The extremely shallow beach in Kamares.

The extremely shallow beach in Kamares.


Child-friendly Kamares on Sifnos.

The far part of the child-friendly beach.

Kamares beach on Sifnos in Greece.

The beach in Kamares. Profitis Elias monastery is visible at the top left.


The monastery Profitis Elias church above the harbour and beach of Kamares on Sifnos.

You can hike to the monastery of Profitis Elias above Kamares.


Don't miss eating cheese balls when you're on Sifnos.

Don't miss eating cheese balls when you're on Sifnos.


Cheese balls are found all over Greece, but the tastiest are in Sifnos.

Cheese balls are found all over Greece, but the tastiest are in Sifnos.


Cats at Sifnos.

If you're unlikely to like the cheese balls, there are hungry cats that will.


Good hotel and pensions near the port and beach in Kamares on Sifnos.

Many hotels and pensions are within walking distance of the beach.



The buildings in Kamares are mainly hotels or pensions. Almost every house that climbs up the hill-slope is some kind of accommodation. On the other side of the beach it is the same thing, but not as widespread. In other words, you have many places to choose from. Below are some suggestions for good hotels.

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Don't miss the island's coziest village Faros when you travel to Sifnos.

Don't miss my favourite village Faros, which you can read about here »


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