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Alopronia on Sikinos

Alopronia, the port of Sikinos, has around 40 inhabitants, but the number is higher during the summer months since the majority of the tourists stays in the port. Most of the hotels and pensions on Sikinos lies in Alopronia. If you want to stay near the sea, this is where you should stay.


The port and beach of Alopronia on Sikinos in the Cyclades.

View of Alopronia. The port on the left and the beach on the right.


If we are going to speak about a centre, it is along the waterfront, which starts at the big ferry jetty. Here are one taverna (Taverna Meltemi), two cafés, one travel agency and one minimarket. There are not much to buy in the small shop, but perfectly enough. There is no bakery, fresh bread are delivered from the bakery in Kastro and can be bought in the minimarket.


Restaurants, cafes and tavernas in the port of Sikinos.

The "square" in Alopronia.


Taverna Meltemi in Alopronia on the island of Sikinos in Greece.

The "square" in Alopronia in the other direction. Taverna Meltemi on the far right.

Where the promenade ends, the port beach starts, which in my opinion is the best beach on the island. The beach is wide and short and consists of sand mixed with pebbles. Free umbrellas are available, but no sun beds. If the umbrellas are occupied, there are tamarisk trees giving shade. On the other side of the beach are many pensions.


The port beach in Alopronia on Sikinos.

The nice port beach in Alopronia.


The sandy beach in Alopronia is very child-friendly.

The child-friendly sandy beach in Alopronia.


Alopronia beach on Sikinos.

The port beach in Alopronia.

Behind the pensions starts a teeny narrow path that ends at a pebbly beach. The beach is not much to have, the pebbles are a little too big to lie comfortably on, but they are nice to look at. At the beach there are some abandoned houses that probably were intended for letting at one time.


 Rock baths and sailing boats below The Rock Café and The Rock Rooms in Alopronia on Sikinos.

The rock bath below The Rock Café.


If you like to swim off the rocks you find a place on the right (nose toward the water) of the jetty, just after the The Rock Café. The Rock Café is, as the name suggests, a café, but also a pizzeria. They also have rooms for rent and it's called The Rock Rooms. There are usually sailboats anchored at the cliffs.


The port of Sikinos in Greece.

When a ferry arrives at the port, Alopronia is full of activity.


The bus stop lies above the port beach, and a little further on is a highly unusual recycling station for rubbish, something you rarely see in Greece, except that it is unusual this one is really neat.



The largest range of hotels can be found here in Alopronia and it is also where most tourists choose to stay. Below are tips on good hotels in the port.


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