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Barely two kilometres north of Arkasa is the little cute fishing village of Finiki. Here lives only a few people, many are fishermen and some works with tourism. The village is beautifully framed in a bay with a decent nice little beach. At the beach, there are a couple of nice tavernas with inviting location.

The monument at the beach is the village's pride. It was raised to honour five fishermen who sailed in a small open boat all the way to Alexandria in Egypt in October 1944 to meet the Greek exile government. They delivered a message that the Italians (who occupied Karpathos during World War II) had been exiled from the island. The rising against the Italians started in Menetes in October 1944, soon other villages joined and after three days almost all Karpathos was liberated (Mesochori and Olympos had to wait another few days). Although the island was liberated, no allies came to rescue, there was a shortage of most things, especially food. Then some fishermen decided to take matters into their own hands and they sailed to Alexandria, where they delivered their message.

It took them five days to sail to Alexandria. Undoubtedly they should have a monument for such a achievement! When they came back on October 17 they had company of two allied warships and Karpathos could be declared as a liberated island.

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The beach in Finiki.

The beach in Finiki.

Finiki. Karpathos.

Taverna Under The Trees was previously located 1 kilometre north of Finiki. Unfortunately, the taverna had to close. It is a shame, not to say a great shame, because this was a taverna out of the ordinary. Kostas - who ran the taverna - is a gifted chef and the ingredients he used mostly came from his own garden. The taverna was placed in the shade of two giant tamarisk trees close to a rocky beach. The beach is, of course, still there, but it is not much to boast about, but for a swim or two it is okay. Kostas opened a new taverna with the same name in July 2009, it lies north of Finiki, along the road to Lefkos. The location is sadly not as inviting as the old place, but the food is just as good as before. Do not miss!

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TTaverna Under The Trees. Finiki.

Taverna Under The Trees as it looks today.

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