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Villages on Lipsi

There is only one village and it's also called Lipsi. Handy if you get lost and need to ask somebody the way home. :-) The village is small, when you put into the port by ferry you will see almost the entire village. In direct connection to the port lies a café and a few pensions. A long and stroll friendly seafront esplanade begins in the port and it ends at some steps that leads up to the centre of the village.


Lipsi island in Greece.

Lipsi village in one direction.


There is only one village on the island of Lipsi and it is also called Lipsi.

Lipsi village in the other direction.


The marina in Lipsi village is a popular overnight port for sailors.

The marina in the village is a popular overnight port for sailors.

The seafront esplanade is lined by several tavernas. The one that stands out the most - and that is my favourite - is Restaurant Pefko. There are many culinary Greek dishes to choose from in the comprehensive menu. Dinner includes both beautiful views over the port basin, and the entertaining owner - who is also the waiter - Nikos, he is like taken from the TV serie Fawlty Towers.


Restaurant Pefko on Lipsi in Greece.

Restaurant Pefko to the right.


Restaurant Pefko is one of the best tavernas in Lipsi.

The evenings at Restaurant Pefko are magical.


Good restaurants and taverns along the harbour promenade at Lipsi.

There are other good restaurants along the port promenade.

A bit further on, after Taverna Pefko, the seafront esplanade turn left, and here lies a nice ouzeria and a marina. After the marina lies a kind of port square with a shop and the island's best ouzeria, where many people goes for an ouzo and meze (appetizers) before dinner. The ouzeria, called Ouzeria Nicks & Loulis, is also a popular place to round off the evening, almost everyone on the island pass by some time during the evening, so if you want to know what's going on you should be here. An extra plus for that good Greek music is heard from the speakers pretty often.


The cozy Ouzeria Nicks & Loulis in Lipsi village.

Ouzeria Nicks & Loulis almost everyone passes by at some point during the evening.


Grillad åttaarmad bläckfisk och ett glas ouzo Ouzeria Nicks & Loulis.

Grilled octopus and a glass of ouzo Ouzeria Nicks & Loulis.


Eat fresh fish, fresh seafood and freshly caught squid on Lipsi in Greece

Ouzeria Nicks & Loulis in the evening.


Ouzeria To Ouzo in Lipsi village.

Ouzeria To Ouzo is also located in the marina and is also very nice.


On the island of Lipsi in Greece there is a boat called Jack Nicholson.

The fishing boat is called Jack Nicholson, which looks pretty cool with Greek spelling.

The steps that leads up to the centre of the village begins where the port square ends. To the right of the steps lies the island's largest church and keep a watch over the islanders and the tourists. The steps ends at a square where there is a taverna, a café and a small museum. The square is the village's heart, the few alleys in the village ends here. To the left of the square lies a supermarket and here is also the only museum on Lipsi.


In the cozy square in the upper part of Lipsi village, there are several good restaurants.

There are several good restaurants in the cozy square in the upper part of the village.


Restaurant Manolis Tastes is considered by many to be the best restaurant in Lipsi.

Restaurant Manolis Tastes is considered by many to be the best restaurant in Lipsi.


Agios Ioannis Theologos church at Lipsi in the Dodecanese.

The imposing church of Agios Ioannis Theologos dominates the settlement in the village.


Shops, ATMs, car rental and moped rental at Lipsi island.

Agios Ioannis Theologos church is visible wherever you are.

One of the archipelago's few remaining wood-fired bakeries lies in the village. The bread is heavenly good. Unfortunately, I do not think it will survive for so long, since the wood-fired bakery has got competition from a modern bakery located on the port square. One would think that a modern bakery can not compete with a wood-fired ditto, but it can, the new bakery also bakes fantastic good bread. In fact, I've never eaten such good bread as on Lipsi.


Kristalli Bakery at Lipsi in the Dodecanese.

The Kristalli Bakery in Lipsi village has a wood-fired oven.


Kairis Bakery and cafe on Lipsi in the Dodecanese.

Kairis Bakery and café is something of a gathering place on Lipsi.


The port of Lipsi in Greece.

The port of Lipsi is under the white arrow. More pictures are available here.



Years ago, the room renters fought for new customers when a boat arrived at the port. That is no longer the case. When I was last at Lipsi, there were many hotel owners in the port, but all were waiting for customers who had booked in advance. So my advice is to book a room before you arrive in Lipsi. Below are tips for good hotels in Lipsi.


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Don't miss Liendou beach, which is the beach closest to the village of Lipsi.

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