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Beaches in Schinoussa

There are about fifteen beaches around Schinoussa, and some of them are really good. Of course, they are not in the same class as the ones on Koufonissi, but to compare with Koufonissi's beaches is unfair. If they were as fantastic, then Schinoussa would also be invaded by tourists and the island's rustic charm would disappear. Although the beaches are not as paradisiacal as on Koufonissi, they are at least as child-friendly, something that more and more families have discovered.


Tsigouri is the most popular and best beach near Chora on Schinoussa in the Cyclades.

Tsigouri beach. Chora is visible at upper right.


Tsigouri is Schinoussa's most popular, and by some considered as the island's best, beach and it lies about 10 minutes walk from Chora. The road down to the beach starts at the beginning of the village (signposted), the short walk offers beautiful views of the valley and out over the sea. The sand is soft and slightly greyish. At the beginning of the beach is a snack bar and there is also Kalimera beach. A real taverna overlooking the sea lies above the beach.


Kalimera beach on Schinoussa.

Kalimera beach on Schinoussa.


Psili Amos is, in my opinion, Schinoussa's best sandy beach.

Psili Amos beach is located below the village of Mesaria.


Psili Amos is in my opinion the best sandy beach on Schinoussa. Admittedly it is small, but it is inviting and the water is clear and refreshing. No taverna, the nearest taverna lies in Messaria.


Sail to Schinoussa in the Cyclades and anchor off the shores.

The beautiful bay where Psili Amos beach is located.

It takes between 30 and 40 minutes to walk to Psili Amos from Chora. You begin the walk to the beach at the bakery in Chora and continue until you arrive in Mesaria, there you go past the church and turn right at the sign pointing to Psili Amos.


Nudism at Psili Amos beach at Schinoussa in Greece.

Psili Amos beach in a different light.


If you walk the main street until it ends you come to a crossroad, if you turn left you will reach Almyros beach, if you turn right you will first reach Livadi beach and then Lioliou beach. At the crossroads there is a sign saying that Lioliou beach lies to the left, it is true, in a sense, but it is much closer (and much smoother) if you walk to the right. Almyros is a narrow small beach in a beautiful bay with a view of Amorgos in the distant.


Almyros beach on Schinoussa.

Almyros beach.


Livadi beach in Schinoussa.

Livadi beach.


Livadi beach also lies in a beautiful bay. The beach is wide and shallow. Livadi is slowly being exploited, new houses are built every year.

Above the fine beach Livadi on Schinoussa are several hotels and restaurants.

Livadi beach seen from the other side.


Lioliou beach, as far south east as you can go, is in my opinion the island's second best beach: sand, lovely bottom and crystal clear waters. There are a few pensions and one taverna above the beach.


Lioliou beach in Schinoussa.

Lioliou beach.


As on all islands in the Small Cyclades, Schinoussa also has a port beach. It is not at all in the same class as Donoussa, Iraklia and Koufonissi. But for a dip while waiting for the boat or lunch, it is fine. The beach is called Mersini, just like the port.


Mersini beach in the port of Schinoussa.

Mersini beach in the port of Schinoussa.


There are no sunbeds to rent on Schinoussa, but good shade from tamarisk trees.

An advantage of Mersini beach is that there is plenty of shade.


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