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Villages in Schinoussa

Actually, there is only one real village on Schinoussa, and that is Panagia or Chora as most people say. Mesaria is so small so if it should be situated on a bigger island it would not even be on the map. The port, called Mersini, is even smaller and do not count as a village, here are just a few houses, two of them are tavernas. There is also a small beach in the port that is good enough for a swim while waiting for the ferry.


Main street in Chora, Schinoussa.

Main street in Chora.



Chora is a charming little village, it only takes a few minutes to get to know. The main street that runs through the village is basically the only street, in addition there are only a few alleys. I filmed the whole main street one year, I started at one end and walked the street slowly until I reached the end. I met a man on a donkey, a smiling priest and a newborn donkey baby with its mother. When I had filmed the whole village I had used 4 minutes of film. Chora is not bigger than that.

It is a village that one easily falls in love with, here is a natural charm that is almost impossible not to fall head over heels for. The village lies on a high hill and the view of the sea is spectacular. Along the main street is a few pensions, a few shops, a few tavernas and cafes. Car traffic is minimal, donkeys is still a common means of transport. It is a delight to sit in one of the cafes and absorb the everyday life, stress does not exist, often one becomes seated for a long time.


Taverna Kira Pothiti in Chora in Schinoussa.

Taverna Kira Pothiti in Chora.

Two of the tavernas stand out from the rest: Kira Pothiti and Deli. Kira Pothiti lies strategically on the main street. Deli lies to the right on the main street (if you come from the port). They serves incredible culinary food, so delicious that it is hard to believe that you are in Greece. But you are, it is particularly noticeable when you look out over the breathtaking valley, you see all the way to Santorini. The food is so fantastic that it is worth going here even if you are on another island. Do not miss.


Restaurant Deli. Schinoussa.

Restaurant Deli in Chora serves very good Greek food.


ATM is available. The bakery is on the road to Mesaria. The baker is morning tired, sometimes there is not fresh bread until after eleven in the morning. As you realize, there is no beach in Chora, the nearest beach is Tsigouri.


The church in Mesaria in Schinoussa.

The church in Mesaria.


About two kilometres north of Chora lies the tiny village of Mesaria where about 20 people live. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from Chora to Mesaria.

The village is so small that before you say Kalimera, you have passed the village. Sometimes someone sits outside a house and philosophize, but usually you are only met by some cackling chickens, and possibly one or two donkeys. One taverna lies where the village begins, and one taverna lies in the village. From Mesaria it takes about 10 minutes to walk down to Psili Ammos beach.


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