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Kardamena in Kos

The former fishing village of Kardamena is located on the southern coast about 26 kilometres from Kos Town and about 7 kilometres from the airport at Antimachia. The village has about 1,650 permanent inhabitants. The number of inhabitants increase dramatically during the summer, because Kardamena is one of Kos' most popular package resorts.


Restaurants in Kardamena in Kos.

The waterfront promenade in Kardamena.



When I first came here (2003) I got a shock. I had never seen anything similar. This is what I wrote about Kardamena when I came back home:

"Kardamena is kind of a British colony in high season, English is the dominating languish, there is hardly a single sign in Greek. Visitors go to British pubs and read English newspapers and sometimes they take a quick look at an old English football match shown on the big screen tv.

McDonalds lies close to the beach, the sunbeds stand denser than seals and it is so incredibly crowded. Offers on free shots and advertisements for crazy nights at the clubs is heard from megaphones. And everyone loves it! Kardamena is like a planet taken from the book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams.

First of all, I think about the planet that only have coastlines with unlikely beautiful beaches and where it always is a few minutes before closing time. The planet exist in reality and is called Kardamena!"


Main street in Kardamena. Kos.

Main street in Kardamena.

A lot has happened on Kos since then, and here in Kardamena. Many families with children travel to Kardamena today, and the intense nightlife has become quieter. Last time I was here, Kardamena got my approval. Certainly there were still many bars, and certainly did English dominate, but the feeling was different from 2003.


One of the beaches in Kardamena. Kos.

One of the beaches in Kardamena.



What attracts tourists to Kardamena is the amazing beaches. Many of them are very child friendly and the water is extremely inviting. If you get tired of the beaches around Kardamena, you can walk along the coast all the way to Helona beach.


Kardamena beach. Kos.

Another of the beaches in Kardamena.



If you want to stay for a few nights in Kardamena, you have many hotels and family pensions to choose from. Kalimera Mare and Nissia Kamares are the two most booked hotels in Kardamena via Kalispera.

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